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Umbrella 7 Innovations (U7I) is a multinational company with offices in Benin, Edo state, Nigeria, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  We believe that every challenge or problem has a solution and almost every systematic bottle-neck can be resolved through innovation, dedication and commitment.

Over the years we have built specialized groups and expert teams dedicated to serving several specialized market types from road construction projects, dams, mining, real estate development and mechanized ...

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We Always Aim For Excellence.

  • Hospitality / commercial Building Construction Services

    U7I engineers and architects understand key requirements of our customers and end users. Mastering this concept, U7I has constructed a variety of state-of-art landmark structures in the hospitality sector from hotels, malls, condominiums, multi-utility facilities etc. We have closely worked on major...

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  • Infrastructure and Transportation projects

    Over years U7I has executed some remarkable transportation projects which include Expressways, National Highways, State Highways, flyovers etc. Timely delivery within budgeted targets while adhering to international standards of safety & quality is the core strength of this business vertical. ...

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  • Mechanized Agriculture

    Mechanization in countries like Canada has dramatically reshaped the agricultural landscape since the time of early settlement. However, in some parts of the world, agriculture is still highly labor intensive. Mechanization has had a major impact on the demand and supply for farm labor; the profitab...

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